Before and after mastering examples.  The “before” samples have been normalized. Besides loudness and eq changes, listen for coherence and balance of the individual instruments in the mix. Samples are 320 KBPS MP3s.


Darkseid “before”

Darkseid “after”

Vile “before”

Vile “after”

Mike Stolkier “before”

Mike Stolkier “after”


Bacon Fat “before”

Bacon Fat “after”

Elia Bosa “before”

Elia Bosa ‘after”

Matthew McPeck “before”

Matthew McPeck “after”


Felicia Rose “before”

Felicia Rose “after”

Fantuzzi “before””

Fantuzzi “after”

Miriam Raziel “before”

Miriam Raziel “after”

Isaac Zones “before”

Isaac Zones “after”


John St. Claire “before”

John St. Claire “after”

Richard Goeb “before”

Richard Goeb “after”