Welcome to Colin Davis’ Imperial Mastering!  Artistic audio perfection since 1996!  
Mastering and mixing for metal genres is our primary business, but we also work with many other styles including rock, world, jazz, country and more! 

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My name is Colin Davis.  Since 1996 I have dedicated myself to the art and science of recording, especially in metal genres, and since 2002, the esoteric skill of mastering.

As a mastering engineer, I work with all styles.  My job is mainly preserving and enhancing the quality of a musical recording. I act as an objective listener and work with the artist or mixing engineer to insure the absolute best possible result.  I’m totally dedicated to audiophile sound quality.

When I’m working as producer and recording engineer, I act as a collaborative artist to help bands capture their unique sound onto tape. That often means making records that compete well with current production styles, but sometimes that means breaking out of stylistic constraints, embracing true novelty.

Get in touch if you have questions, and I look forward to helping you make your musical vision come true!

Colin Davis