Mastering Chain:

Mytek 8×96 AD and DA convertersCrane Song STC-8 mastering compressor, GML 9500 analog mastering EQ, Waves L2 outboard digital limiterZ-sys digital router , Mytek DDD-603 digital meter and a custom mastering desk designed by Lucas Shedd.

Monitoring chain:

Dunlavy Aletha far-field mastering speakers, Spectron Musician II class D power amp, Classe CP-35 class A preamp, Monster audiophile balanced XLR interconnects, Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cables.

Sources: Digital files (any resolution and bit depth), CDR, DAT, ADAT, Mini-Disc, Cassette.

The computer system for mastering is Pyramix and for mixing it’s Cubase running Universal Audio and Waves digital plug ins.