If you would like me to make a free test master of your mix, no problem!  Here’s what you need to know.  If you are not the engineer, you can send them this info.

• Wait until your mix is complete and you are happy with the result.
• Bypass any master fader plug-ins you may have applied to the full mix like compression, EQ or limiting.
• Mix down a 24 or 32 bit stereo WAV file
• Upload the file to any file sharing site like Dropbox, Google drive or We Transfer and email the link to imperialmastering@gmail.com
• Include your name, the band name, song name and any other info you would like me to know.
• If the song was previously mastered by you or another studio, send that version too and I’ll use it as a reference.

This info is also contained in the video below at 5:20 and in my client info sheet.