Choose your package.  Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Remember, all projects start with a free test master so you’ll know exactly what the end result will be.  Click here to download a project info PDF that has all the info you’ll need to know before I start your project. Click here for frequently asked questions.


Full Length CD Mastering (8-12 songs)

BRONZE425 USD   Now $350 + Paypal Fee
Bronze is for audio engineers and artists on a budget.  This package includes one test master, mastering with a single pass applied to all songs, and the result uploaded as separate WAV files.  No revisions after mastering.   If you have a mix where all songs in the album are nearly ‘exactly’ the same,  and you’re satisfied with the sound of the test master (and don’t need a physical master CD), this package will work for you.

SILVER475 USD   Now $400 + Paypal fee and postage – MOST POPULAR
Silver mastering is the standard mastering package that I recommend for most projects.  As I master, I make adjustments to each song individually.  I allow for one revision after mastering, and upload the songs as WAV files.  Burn your own master CD or add 25 USD plus postage for a Master CD sent to you by mail.

GOLD650 USD   Now $495 + Paypal fee and postage
Gold mastering is the same careful, song by song mastering process as Silver mastering, but includes 3 extra hours of labor that allows me to take more time to insure that the result is as good as it can get.  This package is for more complex projects such as those where many mixes are being brought together, or any project that needs extra attention.  It includes 2 master CDs sent to you by mail. You only cover postage if outside the USA.

EP, Demo and Single Mastering

EPs are albums with 5 to 7 songs. Demos are 3-4 songs.  I use the Silver process for these packages to insure best quality.  The final masters are uploaded as WAV files.  Add 40 USD plus postage for 2 master CDs sent by mail.

EP Mastering350-400 USD   Now $325-350 + Paypal fee and postage
Demo Mastering250-300 USD   Now $185-250 + Paypal fee
Singles100 USD   Now $75 per song + Paypal fee

Added options:

Additional Backup Master CD – 25 USD

Additional songs on longer albums add 25 USD per song.

Extra test masters (after 2 free) – 25 USD each

Substitute physical CD master for EAC master file (burn your own master) – 35 USD

Add DDP image – 25 USD

Mix assistance by phone – 75 USD per hour.

U.S. Domestic shipping – Free

International shipping – 35 USD average

Questions?  Just get in touch by e mail