Heavy metal, death metal, black metal, thrash metal, hardcore, symphonic metal, industrial metal, nu metal, djent, doom metal, stoner metal, Celtic metal, gothic metal, grindcore, extreme metal of all kinds – as well as every type of rock are my primary focus as a mastering engineer.  People have come to me for this specialization for 25 years.  They see my name on albums that they love and they naturally want to work with the engineer who made those albums come into existence.  Sometimes I’m listed as producer or mixing engineer but most often I’m named as the mastering engineer.  I truly love mastering.  Through mastering, I can help any album sound better, no matter how it was produced.  Often I work directly with the mixing engineer to help them make vital last minute decisions.  To me, every album that comes in for mastering is an opportunity to help the artists’ fans fall in love with their music.  Most music listeners do not care about recording quality as much as the artists and engineers do, but they need the production to be good enough so they can enjoy the music to the fullest.  As a mastering engineer my job to make the recording the best it can be and also to insure that there is nothing about the recording that is hindering the listeners’ ability to fall in love with the music.  I love what I do and my job is to help your fans love what you do!

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